Paragon Underwriters is a locally owned and operated, independent insurance agency based in West Bloomfield, MI. For over fifty years, thousands of Michigan attorneys have trusted Paragon with their firm's insurance needs. By specializing in Malpractice Insurance and the various insurance needs of law firms, Paragon remains a one-stop-shop to insure your people, your property and your practice.


Stephen Weisberg

Stephen Weisberg

"David and Paragon Underwriters were exactly what we needed. Our company is somewhat specialized in the services it provides so it doesn't fall under your normal business categories for coverage. David immediately understood what we needed, found us a policy quickly and made the process easy..."

Bill Millard

Bill Millard:

"We have had a great experience with David and Paragon. He was responsive to our questions and worked diligently to get us great rates on our legal malpractice insurance."

The Babysitting Company:

The Babysitting Company

"David was the most helpful to me and my business in a time where I really needed assistance, assurance and guidance. I would recommend using this firm wholeheartedly."

Rabbi Jason Miller

Jason Miller:

"Paragon Underwriters' David Lipson has certainly kept up the tradition of success and dedication that was established by his father and grandfather. Paragon Underwriters has a track record for taking care of attorneys by helping them select the best professional liability coverage available in case a client files a malpractice lawsuit. I've known David for over 25 years and he is trusted, compassionate and hard-working. It's no wonder why so many lawyers and law firms have looked to Paragon Underwriters throughout the decades, whether here in Michigan or around the country."

aubsie -


"When I first went to David I had no idea of what my insurance needs would be for my brand-new practice. Any concerns I initially had quickly went away - the entire staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. David took the time to evaluate my needs and fully explain my options. I left his office knowing he had provided me with the right coverage. Later, when the nature of my practice changed, David once again sat down with me to make sure I knew what I needed - and what I didn't need (saved $$). He really knows what he's doing - highly recommended."


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