Well-Being Week in Law

Well-Being Week in Law

May 15, 2023 David Lipson


May 1-5, 2023 marked the fourth annual Well-Being Week in Law (“WWIL”).

Occurring in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month, WWIL is an industry-wide initiative supported through the Institute for Well-Being in Law to address general health, mental health, and problematic substance use in the legal profession, often frequent but unspoken factors in professional liability claims. WWIL provides concrete, actionable ideas and resources to encourage innovation and improved well-being for all involved in the legal profession. In recognition of the importance of these issues, our live webinar includes a section devoted entirely to addressing lawyer well-being and offers helpful resources for our insureds.

Our previously published article also discusses data and resources related to well-being and mental health, and can be found here.

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