We Protect You So Your Valuable Time is Honored

We Protect You So Your Valuable Time is Honored

December 13, 2018 David Lipson

As an attorney, we know that you put your heart and soul into your law practice. You spend much time, energy and care in representing your clients. 99% of your clients are going to be grateful to you for your hard work and your dedication to them. However, there remains the 1% of clients who will turn around and sue and/or grieve their attorney. Sometimes this lawsuit or grievance is initiated several years following the conclusion of your work on their behalf.

Without sufficient professional liability insurance, all your hard work can quickly be for naught. Unfortunately, we have seen the horror stories of attorneys who work their entire career and then they're left unprotected when a client sues them for professional negligence or “malpractice”. Everything they worked for leading up to that point – their clients, their assets, their REPUTATION – are all in jeopardy.


Time is Valuable at Paragon Underwriters


Paragon’s clients know that they work too hard to risk throwing it all away when one client takes them to court for malpractice. It is essential to have the proper, paid-up professional liability insurance so that you are protected in the unfortunate situation when a distraught client tries to make you pay for their disappointment. The many clients who praise your devotion as an attorney won't mean anything when you lose everything. Call Paragon Underwriters today to discuss how we can help you be insured and protected in case of an unforeseen litigation by a current or former client. We put our decades of experience at work for you -- to protect you, your property, your people and your practice.

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