Spring is a Time for Change

Spring is a Time for Change

May 8, 2019 David Lipson

While it has seemed that Spring has been a bit late in fully arriving to us in Michigan, we all know that May will bring more Spring-like weather. Spring is a time for planting and renewal. It’s no wonder that people get the itch to do some Spring cleaning this time of year. It just feels like the right time to get more organized, clean up, and make some changes.

Speaking of changes, this is also a good time to consider your law practice’s malpractice insurance. Many attorneys think that it would be a big hassle to shop around for alternative policies when it comes to professional liability insurance. However, Paragon Underwriters makes that process quick, simple and hassle-free. We know that change is worrisome for many people. It’s easy to become unduly content with your malpractice insurance over the years and forget that there may very well be better coverage out there. But, it is out there!


spring - time to change your insurance coverage


A few months before your current coverage is set to expire, we encourage you to reach out to us for a discussion about options that will help protect you and your colleagues should you face the unfortunate experience of a client suing you for legal malpractice. Our insurance agency spends much time researching the new policies available to attorneys like you and we’d love the opportunity to share these details with you (or a representative from your law firm).

We became the best Professional Liability choice for Michigan Law Firms because of our reputation among attorneys like you. For nearly 50 years, we have demonstrated a commitment to providing Michigan lawyers with top-quality, customized professional liability insurance. Call us today, or at least 3 months before your current policy’s expiration date, so we can work together to find you the best coverage.

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