Learning from Our Clients

Learning from Our Clients

November 9, 2018 David Lipson

In the Digital Age, so many business owners believe that client testimonials are solely for the purpose of posting on a website so potential clients see how loved you are. At Paragon Underwriters in West Bloomfield, Michigan, we appreciate when the attorneys who are our trusting clients write glowing testimonials and reviews about the work we do, but we love these reviews for other reasons as well. We learn from our clients' words in their testimonials and review.
Unfortunately, many insurance agents have begun to fear online reviews by clients. Whether it's Google, Facebook, Yelp or any of the other online review websites, the owners of insurance firms are scared that clients or will leave negative feedback. Our goal at Paragon Underwriters is to learn from reviews. David Lipson and the amazing team at Paragon absolutely love helping Michigan attorneys feel secure with professional liability insurance and that has been our mission for three generations. We strive to make our clients feel cared for at Paragon. While Paragon has been cited many times over the years as one of Michigan's most trusted insurance agencies for malpractice insurance, we know that we can still improve. We are grateful for our clients who leave us feedback through online reviews and testimonials because it informs us of where we're strong and where we need to improve.
We pledge to take the time to listen to your feedback and to always have an open mind when it comes to new ideas we can offer you. Please visit our website, full of helpful information and insurance-related resources for attorneys, to begin your path to a more secure professional life with us.
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