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Disability Income Insurance

flying-dollar-billsYour Ability to Earn an Income!

Everything you are and expect to be, and everything you have and expect to have, is based on your continued good health and your ability to earn an income.  Because of this, it is important to prepare yourself in the event that you no longer can work.  The loss of income can have a serious impact on your current lifestyle.

Staying Afloat

If you’re not sure how important it is to protect your income, ask yourself: How would I pay the mortgage or rent if I were sick or hurt and unable to work? How would I buy groceries, make car payments, and pay credit card bills? How would I support myself if my income suddenly stops for 3 months…6 months…or life? If you’re like most people, there are many reasons why you need your income. And if disability strikes and you can’t work, you may have a problem.

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