Getting Covered Because of the Reality of Malpractice Claims

Getting Covered Because of the Reality of Malpractice Claims

July 31, 2018 David Lipson

Auto executives in and around the Motor City of Detroit, Michigan, are mourning the sudden death of one of the auto industry's most popular and beloved leaders, Sergio Marchionne. The former CEO of Fiat/Chrysler died last week of complications from surgery. Marchionne often talked about his love of fixing things. He talked often about how this love for fixing things helped him in 2004 after taking over the beleaguered Fiat automotive company.

Attorneys would love to fix the system that allows disgruntled clients to file malpractice claims and grievances against them so easily. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this. It is a reality of the legal profession that, at some point in their career, more than one of every three lawyers will have to protect themselves against claims of malpractice or a disciplinary inquiry from the Attorney Grievance Commission (AGC).


Michigan Attorney Malpractice Insurance


For over five decades, Paragon Underwriters has been helping Michigan’s attorneys find the best malpractice coverage available to them. As an insurance agency that specializes in Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance, we take great pride in delivering coverage to our clients that meets their individual needs at a highly competitive price point.

Since no lawyer can fix the system that allows unhappy clients from suing them, it’s imperative that your coverage protects you from lawsuits and disciplinary situations. Trust your professional liability insurance to our highly specialized team and be confident that your practice is properly protected.

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