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Cyberspace wars: 5 online threats for attorneys

The inability of a lawyer to stay on top of new cyber-threats can harm a lawyer’s reputation and professional development. Let us not forget that just a few clicks for a hacker can reduce the hard-won loyalty of clients. Investment in cyber insurance, professional liability insurance, and ongoing user training in the cybersecurity landscape enables lawyers to stay ahead of these electronic pirates. Paragon Underwriters can also help increase a lawyer’s chance of success.

Here are top 5 threats to lawyers today:

1. Online fraud: employees have access to various online portals (sales, financial services, leave allowance, etc.) via a single sign-on procedure. The advent of the cloud has spawned a whole ecosystem of third-party services for businesses. When an employee leaves the company, he / she continues to have access to vital business information as long as his / her login credentials are not deleted.

2. IoT DDoS attacks: lawyers must be wary of IoT devices. [Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.] Hackers can exploit the power of IoT devices to launch massive DDoS attacks, capable of paralyzing websites and business operations. IoT devices are multiplying, but the security measures that protect them do not follow.

Even if they embody the future, IoT provides cybercriminals with an additional attack vector. The vulnerabilities inherent in the wave of connected smart devices that have flooded the market make them easy prey for cyber criminals, who are increasingly turning to devices such as CCTV cameras.

3. Attacks on cloud services: the challenge in 2017 will be to control access to cloud services while ensuring adequate data encryption.

4. The theft of personal data: a breach of security or the inability to provide customers with requested data could have disastrous consequences on income and client loyalty. Many lawyers are unaware of the amount of client data they hold. The greatest difficulty for them, therefore, is to assess the volume of information for which they are responsible.

5. Mobile malware: any weak points on a network, such as a mobile phone infected with malware, opens the doors of the company to cybercriminals. With the rise of mobile work, employees use a myriad of applications to access corporate resources from different devices and locations.

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