Collaboration Benefits You

Collaboration Benefits You

October 2, 2018 David Lipson

In the 21st-century organizations are embracing collaboration. Collaboration doesn't only benefit the organizations; it also benefits their clients and customers. An example of this would be showing your health insurance card at the local sporting goods store and receiving a discount off your purchases. In the case of the new collaboration between Paragon Underwriters and the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE), Michigan's attorneys will benefit greatly. It is for this reason that Paragon began discussions with ICLE nearly three years ago to explore opportunities for synergy and collaboration.

The result of those discussions has finally come to fruition: ICLE customers who are CNA Lawyers’ Professional Liability (LPL) policyholders are now eligible for premium cost reductions up to 25%. (Credits apply to qualifying firms in the form of premium credits). ICLE recently contracted with CNA and Paragon Underwriters to provide a number of malpractice risk management premium credits to new and existing customers to reduce the cost for their LPL coverage.

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Since 2007, Paragon has been the exclusive source for the CNA Lawyers’ Professional Liability Program in Michigan for law firms with less than 35 attorneys. “Paragon Underwriters is thrilled to participate in this new initiative with CNA and ICLE. It’s truly a game changer for Michigan law firms and we are very proud that it’s available only through Paragon, CNA’s trusted representative here in Michigan” said David  Lipson, Paragon President and CEO. “We believe all Michigan lawyers will find tremendous value in this new program and look forward to helping many firms benefit from the superior coverage offered by CNA along with the savings offered by the new CNA-ICLE-Paragon synergy.”

“ICLE has always been committed to helping customers with every aspect of their practice. We know that it’s tough out there, especially for the lawyers who are just starting out. We’re excited that our practice resources can now be of further help,” said David Watson, ICLE Executive Director.

“CNA is the market leader in Lawyers Professional Liability, with more than 60 years’ experience, and our data confirms that the more a lawyer engages in meaningful continuing legal education and risk control support, the better they can serve their clients,” said Michael Furlong, Esq., Vice President, Underwriting, CNA. “We’re excited to be able to reward Michigan lawyers who are pursuing excellence through ICLE.”

Qualified Michigan customers are eligible to receive the following credits against their Lawyers’ Professional Liability insurance policy:

  1. Be an ICLE Partner – ICLE Partners save up to 7%. The longer you’re a Partner the more you save.
  2. Complete an ICLE certificate – choose an entire practice area or a specific topic and save up to 7%.
  3. Attend an ICLE event – annually attend any of our major Institutes and save up to 2%.
  4. Be an ICLE Volunteer Contributor – join hundreds of your colleagues and help us with a seminar, book, or another online resource to save up to 7%.
  5. CNA Risk Control participation – ICLE customers who also participate in CNA specific risk management initiatives can save an additional 2%.

The above credits can be combined for premium cost reductions up to 25%* and are applicable each year that an attorney remains involved with ICLE and insured with CNA.

The collaboration launched September 1, 2018. Full information about opportunities can be found at Individual lawyers and law firms interested in the offers should contact Paragon Underwriters directly at 248-851-3066 or

*Potential savings are determined by the specific lawyer and his or her practice. Savings are applied only to the individual, not a firm. Savings can only be obtained by providing a current eligibility report found in the ICLE My Account area at

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