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Caution in the Cumulus: Using the Cloud in Law Practice

Source: CNA PROfessional Counsel

Cloud Computing – An Overviewcodes

Lawyers are increasingly looking to cloud computing as a way to increase the efficiency of their firms’ practice management and document storage solutions.  While cloud computing is reshaping law practice management, lawyers must recognize and manage the related risks inherent with this new technology.

Vendors offering “cloud services” provide document storage services as well as access to law practice management software on a pay-as-you-go basis.  These services store documents in the cloud, making them available from any secured device from any location.  In addition to offering document storage solutions, “cloud” vendors also offer a number of law practice management applications such as email, calendaring, integrated billing programs and client management tools.

The Potential Benefits of Cloud Computing for Law Practice Management

Numerous companies are now offering cloud-based services focused specifically on the needs of law firms.  These cloud vendors market various benefits in seeking to move law practice management functions to their cloud.  These benefits include the following:

1. Reduced Cost/Reduced Capital Expenditures

2. Scalability/Flexibility

3. Accessibility of Data Across Different Devices

4. Sharing/Collaboration

Make sure to vet all of your vendors to know what type of situation you are getting in to, where your data is being stored and how/when that data can be accessed.

Ethical Implications of Using the Cloud in Law Practice

The two ethical rules implicated when engaging a cloud vendor are… Read the Full Article >


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