Attorney Stress Has Negative Client Implications

Attorney Stress Has Negative Client Implications

April 22, 2019 David Lipson

Most occupational groups have some amount of stress and anxiety as a result of a heavy workload,  and the challenges of daily requirements at the office. For 21st century attorneys, the pressure of representing clients and completing daily work tasks can have negative effects on the quality of work and significantly compromise the successful delivery of services to the clients who pay the law firm.

While it is often said that air traffic controllers suffer the most workplace-related stress, studies have shown that attorneys have much more stress than previously thought. The long hours that lawyers have to grind at the office coupled with the weight of responsibility that clients place on them leads to mistakes and grave errors. Being tired and not able to fully pay attention results in a failed representation that can lead to legal malpractice claims.

Stressed Out Attorney

Studies underscore lawyers’ personal problems that interfere with their ability to ably represent clients in accordance with a recognized standard of care. This can be a recipe for disaster and can severely affect a lawyer’s reputation and that of the law firm. Lawyers in Michigan who have had malpractice lawsuits brought against them have cited exhaustion and case overload as reasons for their errors. Representing clients can be difficult when there are extenuating circumstances causing attorneys to fall short in the office.

Caffeine might be helpful in keeping you awake, but the pressures of daily life can lead to incompetence. This, in turn, leads to potential malpractice claims. At Paragon Underwriters in West Bloomfield, Michigan, we help lawyers protect their interests with professional liability insurance, but we also work with our clients in risk management — finding ways to lessen the exposure to malpractice claims.

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